If terms like brand strategy are foreign to you, fear not. Get our world-class training free of charge with the zSuite and the Branding App. 

If the Branding App is the Yin, Brand Mastery is the Yang. 

If you are new to brandings, terms like Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Typefaces, Customer Personas might scare you away.

But the truth is, when you break those down into baby steps, they are pretty easy to comprehend. Ask our happy customers.

Brand Mastery is a 6 weeks, fully-features online training masterclass that will take you from branding zero to branding hero.

And it’s 100% free wit the Branding App..

How It Works

Step 1: Take the training

Fill the branding editor with all your brand details thanks to our simple process and dedicated training

Step 2: Apply in the Branding App

In one-click, get your brand style guide, brand identity, website and social media mockups. 

Step 3: Launch to the world

Finally own a brand you can feel proud of and confident about and start attracting the right clients. 

Learn At Your Own Pace Video Training

Get 30 days of daily video training, follow at your own pace or binge it all at once.

This training is the result of nearly 2 years of development, and has already created numerous success stories.

Learn everything about branding, including how to create a customer persona, brand strategy, brand identity, and a branded website. From scratch, even if you have no previous experience. 

Printable Step-By-Step Worksheets

Our training is designed so that you can take it the way it’s most comfortable to you.

If you like to print everything and use pen and paper to make progress, we got you covered with fully printable worksheets. 

Or if you want everything to be digital, make use of the innovative Branding App.

Advanced Youzign Visual Marketing Training

We will not only help you create a winning brand, but also an amazing visual marketing strategy.

Inside the training you will discover how to take your brand to Youzign. Including:

  • facebook covers
  • ads mockups
  • business cards
  • t-shirts
  • and more!

Free Supportive Community

As soon as you join, you will become part of the community, where you will be able to share your experience and meet like minded entrepreneurs on a similar path as yours.

Battle-tested by people like you

Whatever niche or industry you are in, and whether you struggle with technology or are a techie,  you can find clarity and create the brand your business deserves with the Branding App

Veda Studies
Shantala Sriramaiah
Experienced a complete turnaround and renewed growth for her online course platform

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Tony Lynch
Completely reinvented his digital marketing and social media agency within 4 days of actual “work”

Watch his story

Live Beyond Stress
Mary Christopher
Launched an incredibly beautiful brand and website, with no prior technical, design or marketing experience

Watch her story

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"How to create an entire brand in 30 days."

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