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Shantala Sriramaiah | Veda Studies

"I didn't feel like my old brand represented me... it's a complete turnaround" 

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

NAME: Shantala Stiramaiah
NICHE: Yoga / Veda Teaching
LOCATION: Brussels, Belgium


Prior to the, Shantala did not feel confident sharing her brand and website with people around her. She thought her old website did not represent her at all. She felt a complete turnaround after building her brand, and she now has a beautiful brand that's representative of her ideal customer and her true vision.


- Hey Shantala, how you doing?

- Very good ,Bertrand, how are you doing?

- Doing very good, thank you. So, today we wanted to, you know, ask you about your experience of the branding app , or process or methodology, and, so this is your website, before you went through the branding app, so, can you let me know what was your, struggling with at the time? What did you feel about that, older version of your website, before you went for the running app?

- Well, you know, I focused quite a lot, when I made this, platform, it's an I tell a self paced online course platform, when I make this platform, I focused a lot on the content, on the actual Courseware and I didn't look so much, about how, the homepage looks or you know, the landing page of the course platform looks, and I focused quite a lot on just the actual content, so I used a preexisting template that, the course platform provider, you know, already had, and I just used it, and it was really just lapping things together, I used pictures that I already had pictures of my dad, and just, pictures of I'm sort of sentimental about as well, without really thinking much, I just put it together, and I had no really idea about colors and things, so anyway, I was very happy with my content because people were using it, not new people, but my existing students were using it, but I always felt like not confident, about sharing it with the wider audience, I just, well, many people would write to me saying, hey, why don't we share this in this yoga group? And a lot of teachers are my students, and I'd always say, no, not yet, it's not there, and I just, didn't feel confident , that it was ready to be, I didn't feel like it represented, my work correctly. It was okay, there was nothing, terribly wrong with it or something, but it also just didn't look and feel like it was, the work I was doing, so that's, I think now I can put my finger on it, I didn't really know, then before going through this process, I didn't, couldn't really put my finger on what is blocking me from, just making this more work widely available, yeah.

- All right, and so then you went through, the branding app, process, so let me open your page on the branding app, so it's right here, so we are starting with your, customer hero and your brand strategy, so how was these, exercises, for you to write down these things?

- I loved it. I loved the writing about, I loved also that you could write a lot about your customer hero, and I wanted to be very specific, and I think that it was also the right time for me, I'd done a little bit of work already with live classes, so I sort of had a good idea about who the, the average person using or learning my courses would be, and so I really loved, but I'd never actually, written it down in one place before, and I think this was a really useful, valuable exercise , for me, to really write down the most important, qualities or profile of the person who would be, learning my courses, so, for me it was a really valuable exercise of the writing the customer hero, and now it's extremely clear, there's like three groups of people who use my courses, it's very, extremely lucid and clear now.

- And then we, went through your brand strategy, so you created a vision and mission, was that helpful as well in, I guess cementing your, your propose, with the website and the online courses.

- I think nothing has made me think, so deeply about the work I do, I mean, I always, of course I always found, I felt my work was valuable, I left a very, I left a 20 year career in corporate , to get started with my own, as an entrepreneur in this online Courseware business, and so of course my own work was valuable to me, but I'd never written down precisely, who my work is reaching, and how is it gonna add value to this person, and I think that was extremely valuable thing to do, also for me to know also exactly how to add value as well, which has been a very deep process for me.

- Okay, we can see, some of the early imagery, which shows here, so now let's move on to the present day with your, current, brands, and website in that case, so can you tell me how do you feel about this new brand, you said before, you're not feeling that confident , to share it around, is that better now?

- Completely, now I'm just, it's a complete turnaround. One of the main differences for me I think is that, I always, I mean the shift for me has been that, I always thought about, me relating to my own product, me relating to my own, offspring, I think that, this process has turned that, on its head for me, and it has become all about, the customer relating to my course , relating to my product and relating to my, visuals, relating to the colors and all of that, and of course there is a lot of me in that, but it's really the whole thing now is it looks, it's much more inviting, I think, it's much more clear, what the offering is, and it's, I mean, my confidence levels, which sharing this , with a wider audience has just grown tremendously, and it can, it's still a work in progress of course, but for me, I just love this now. And also, small things like this visual, you're looking at, I had previously used pictures of my dad, and things from my home and it was all sentimental value. But I think even put that away, and really think about what my customer will think when they look at it, has been a huge process for me, and a very, enlightening one, let's say, to use, I can still use those images but maybe in social media, and I think I understand much better, the use of visuals now, like what type of images to use, and I never really thought , I'd ever be able to do it. I always thought branding was about, just handing it over to somebody, who would be able to do it, but I feel like, there's been a lot of, development for me personally, now choosing an image, I think I know what to look at, and I sort of have a much better idea now.

- Right, so that's pretty awesome, and I will thank you, for your, outfield mentoring and feedback , on the whole process, so who would you recommend, the branding app and our process to?

- I would, I have a, it's, the thing is, I would recommend it to all, I mean all my students, are all yoga teachers or studio owners, they're all small studio owners , or some of them are also pretty big studio owners, but I think I would absolutely recommend it, to anybody at all, because one of the great things, about working with you, was it was like working with an insider, it didn't feel like there was somebody, a consultant doing something, but it was a very, we approach, we are going to do this and we are going to, fix this part, and it was very much felt like you were, in the team doing it, and I think, for me, I have, I have only great things to say about you, and about the process, so I would recommend it, to every small, medium sized business owner, I mean, I don't know why, not the big ones as well, because this process is so clear and simple, and practical, not everyone should do it. Everyone running a business should do this.

- Right.

- Because it's not enough, I think that's been the next big, realization for me, it's that it's not enough, to have a great offering, it also needs to be presented , in a good way, in an appropriate way. So, yeah, I would recommend it to everybody I know, who's starting off or who's been in a business, for a long time and has never looked at this.

- Okay awesome, so thanks so much , for your feedback, and, I wish you the best with your, online classes, moving forward, so if you want to check out Shantala's website, it's on All right, thank you.

- Welcome.

- Okay, so we will clap

Mary Christopher | Live Beyond Stress

"By going through each steps, I found greater and greater clarity" 

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

NAME: Mary Christopher
NICHE: Stress Relief
LOCATION: Austin, Texas


Mary is a meditation teacher in Austin, Texas, and for the past 2 years she has been struggling with launching a new stress relief consulting service. Within 6 weeks, Mary created a new brand and an incredibly beautiful brand and website, with no prior technical and marketing experience.


- Hey Mary, welcome, how are you doing?

- Good, good, how are you?

- I'm pretty good, thank you.

- Good.

- Today, we wanted to talk about your experience with the branding app, the branding process. So I think you signed up, you started about probably six weeks ago, I would say, would that be right?

- Yes, just about that.

- And what was your mindset at the time, when you signed up? Like you had a vision you wanted to create something, you had an old website as well, that you're looking at right now. So what was your mindset at the time, what were you thinking of?

- Well that website was based on the meditation work that I do and have done for a number of years but I had added the coaching and we were trying to integrate the coaching into the meditation and we weren't getting any traction. I'd send an email out with the link or put it in my Facebook and people would go and look and no traction, I mean nothing. People would say oh, it's a pretty website, bye. We weren't getting any results at all.

- All right, so then you decided to sign up. What made you sign up to the branding app and go through this process, what was the trigger?

- Well the main reason is I'm familiar with your work with Youzign.

- Ah, okay.

- Which is just excellent and it's such quality, such a quality product, I thought I couldn't go wrong. I mean and you're so knowledgeable in this whole area of branding, I thought, this is just great, I'm in.

- All right, so then you went through the branding process, so you signed up to the branding app. You started working on things, so this is your new brand that you created for the EFT coaching. Live Beyond Stress and talk me through going through the first section, the customer hero. What was your feeling back then, when you went through this training and you created that customer hero?

- Well the result of those first videos and exercises that are in the training, I realized that I needed to shift my perspective and the exercises of describing the hero or the heroine help me do that. So I went from my perspective of trying to present something to somebody, to seeing it from how a person could meet it, or use it or like who they were, rather than who I was.

- And that's the big shift here, you know. It's good when you can go for it, 'cause it really helps to create a brand that is for your customers, as well as for you, you know? And then, you did your brand strategy, so how was that like, like writing about what problem you are tackling, your vision, your mission, your value proposition?

- Right, so that first part of defining the problem was really helpful because it helped me narrow it down to something very specific, which in my case was, the problem for most people now is stress and once I narrowed it, was able to narrow it to that and your questions in the training are really good, I was able to narrow it down to stress and then from that, I did a good bit of writing and was able to define it really well and also come up with a number of examples of stress, 'cause stress is different things to different people and has different effects for different people. So that was very helpful to me.

- Okay and how did you find this process of creating your brand? Was it easy, was it confusing, a lot of theory, how did you find the actual step-by-step process?

- Well, as I went through each step and on some I went back and listened to the video again but by going through each step, I got greater and greater clarity about what I had to offer, how it could be of value and also clarity about the person that I was talking to or referencing.

- All right, so you created your customer hero, your brand strategy, your imagery and then we generated a mock-up of your website in the branding app and then you went and implemented it as a website, so this is your actual website here. Let me resize my window, all right, here we go. So this is your new website, Live Beyond Stress, with your new brand. You have a new logo, which I would say, it's pretty cool. So what do you feel about this new brand, this new website, how do you feel about?

- Well what I realized when I looked at it, is it's very clean and I felt like it's engaging, it's very engaging to people and it also works like, on a subliminal level as well and I felt like it conveyed confidence or it conveyed a sense of that I know what I'm doing, kind of thing and I also realized how easy it would be to integrate the meditation part into that but that the stress, having it focused on stress was like a major identifier of the service that I offer and it was so condensed and so simplified, I really, really, really liked it.

- I know like at the start, you are not the most I guess like comfortable with the technical side and the marketing side and that, so could you believe or envision you could, you know, 'cause this is your work, all this comes from you. So could you envision that you could get to this result before, this kind of website?

- Not initially, no 'cause I've tried to work with WordPress before and not done well but just because of the training, it was much easier for me to deal with that.

- Okay.

- And I never dreamed that I could have such a website that was so engaging or had such clarity to it.

- I agree, it's a very nice website. It's actually one of the best to come out of the branding app process and training and last question, so who would you recommend this training, this app, this process to?

- Well I'd recommend it to anybody that's getting started with a product or a service and I'd also recommend it to anyone who's been online for a while and maybe isn't getting the results that they want, or that they look at their website and it looks dated and it doesn't have a lot of clarity. Anybody that wants to do something online could benefit from the branding, your app training program.

- All right.

- And the support is excellent, the email support is excellent.

- Thank you. Okay, so yeah, thank you, Mary. If you want to check Mary's website, go to I highly recommend Mary's podcasts, personally. They are pretty great and I'm a fan and yeah, thanks again and all the best with

- Yes, thank you and thank you for doing a great job with your branding app.

- All right, thank you, bye bye.

- Bye bye.

Loredana | Marketology Hub

"I finally feel confident enough to share my website" 

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

NAME: Loredana (full name hidden for privacy reasons)
NICHE: Social Media Marketing


Loredana is a social media consultant based in London, UK. Prior to the, she used to tell her customers to visit her social media profile because she did not have a proper website to show. After going through the branding process, she finally has a brand and website she feels confident sharing with the world. 


Coming soon

Tony Lynch | Sociposts

"Suddenly you start seeing all this come to life... Your message and your branding being born" 

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

NAME: Tony Lynch
NICHE: Social Media Marketing Agency
LOCATION: Stetford, UK


Tony's old website was based on a template and was failing to convey any particular message. Tony found the training very logical, very simple, straightforward, easy to follow, and by following the process, he went from having a blend website to a powerful marketing tool within 3 weeks.


- Okay, so we got Tony here, hi Tony, how are you doing?

- Hi Bertrand, I'm doing very well, thank you, how are you?

- I'm pretty good, thank you and so we wanted to pretty much go through your experience with the Branding App, the process, the training and so this is your old website. So that's the old website. So can you talk us through it? What was your mindset back then, what you didn't like about it and yeah?

- Okay, at the point that this site was made, I knew what it was I wanted to do. I knew what my service was and I knew that it was of value to my clients and like everybody else, I knew I had to get a website out there to basically A, give me credibility and B, hopefully, at some point, generate some business and if you look at the layout and everything about our site, if you look at it, it's probably a pretty good site, really when you take it in balance but it didn't convey a powerful message. It's got no real strong call to action and the wording, it says what it does but you've gotta read it to find all that out and it didn't strike me that if I went to a site like that, that it would make a connection with me and it would make me, for want of a better description, take an action. So really, I guess what it was, more than anything was an information site and a reasonable one, at best, I suppose.

- Yeah, I had the same feeling. It was a good site, I wouldn't call it a bad site but it felt like a big template in a way and the message didn't really come out. So now, this is your brand in the Branding App, so can you tell us about the branding process itself? Creating your customer hero, your brand strategy, your brand identity and what that did for you?

- Okay, well firstly, I've never done anything like this before and as I've already explained to you, the idea of sitting down and going through the brain-wracking process I felt of creating a customer avatar and really understanding who my customer was, it felt like work and I guess, for want of a better description, it's something I probably knew all along I should have done but I really didn't take it that seriously. But when you then gave me the training and first of all, I watched a webinar then I came in and I actually looked up the training, followed the training process, looked at the hero's journey, which I was already aware of but it hadn't been broken down quite as easily as you did and your training helped me really understand what branding really is and how it's more about how a customer feels about you and about what you potentially could do for them and if you like, buying part of their brain, so your brand becomes part of them, really, in a sort of roundabout way, or at least it becomes part of their solution, problem solution. And so, when I actually went through that and then I broke down the customer's problems and I broke down the solution and I broke down the journey that they were on and I realized that what I was capable of doing using the system, is if you like, stepping into it with them, while they're on their journey, coming alongside them and resonating with them very well because I suddenly found my message, for want of a better description, my message started to born, alongside their actual journey. And then I had to think about the coloring, think about icons and normally, I wouldn't have been able to do that but your training helped me to understand about coloring, about the psychology behind it. I started to break down four aspects of design that I really didn't understand before and it wasn't complicated, it was simple, it was straightforward, it was well-explained and then with the templates that you follow on as you finish your video, you get the template and it was very logical, I filled out the template and all I've done really is just added in, as I've gone along into your Branding App and because I finished it, as in I worked at it and I think I did it in more or less four days, I got most of it done in. Not full time but in and out and then the last bit's taken a little bit of time because of technical issues but that's on my end but the fact is, it actually, suddenly, you start seeing this all come to life and you start to see your message and your branding being born, really through your visuals, which are really very, very well thought out, very logical, very simple and you end up with a website that spells out that message and I'm really, really, really pleased with the end result and now I know that my website, actually, I'm really pleased with how powerful it is and how my sales message is embedded, right into it and I know that the right client visiting my site, it speaks to them and it resonates, I know it will resonate with them and it's got a really strong call to action and I expect to do some very good business off it.

- Yeah, so now we can see your actual website. So we implemented your brand as a website. How do you feel now that you went from, so to be clear, you said you put about four days of work into it but I guess the entire length of the process was about three weeks, I would say for you.

- I'm sorry, my dog. Yeah, the entire process, yeah in total it's been about three weeks but that hasn't been every day, as I say. I've had a few technical issues which we've had to get around but I would say, if you work at it a few hours a day, you would complete the whole thing within about three weeks.

- Yeah yeah, so that was about four days of actual work and so yeah, how do you feel going from where you were before, so your old website. You can see you had the old Sociposts logo as well to the new website with the new brand, which is pretty fresh to be honest. The message is really great, so what's your feeling?

- I'm really pleased. For want of a better description, I've gone from having a bland website to a very powerful marketing tool that I know I'll be very comfortable to point customers at and because I'm about to add more calls to actions or add more code in that will add a call to action, so I can use this free strategy sessions far stronger. Yeah, I'm really, really pleased and I intend to drive traffic at it and I know it will bring me in business and the end result is, my marketing message speaks out very clearly and also, another benefit I feel is that I can now take this message and use it in the rest of my marketing. So it will broaden out and it all comes down to what's being said on the website. So from it, I could go on forever really, just adding bits and using what I learned about my customer, about the journey, about their problems, about the solution for them and about how we solve their problem. That will give birth to lots and lots of lots of content and all tied together and all extremely pointed at their problem and us helping them to solve it.

- Okay and to conclude, so who would you recommend this training for?

- Right, that's a good question. Honestly, I think if you've got a website and you haven't been through this, well in fact, I think if you're in business and you haven't been through this process, you should do because until I went through this, I didn't really know what my message was. I knew what I wanted to sell and I knew what I wanted to say but I didn't really know how to say it. So especially for a website, if you want to take your website and turn it into what will be a profitable machine, I would recommend this to you. If you don't know really know exactly what it is you want to say or if you feel that perhaps your website is a bit stale and you could do to freshen it up, or you're starting from scratch, this will be a great place to start because if I've I'd had this from whenever I first go this concept, I know that I would already have got a lot of business out of it. So I would recommend it to any small business, regardless of your niche, whether you're a coach and like me, you're looking for a strategy sessions to get people on the phone call, or whether you're looking to get people onto a list or whether you're actually trying maybe you've got an eCommerce site and you literally wanna sell someone a widget today, I think if you go through this process, Bertrand, I haven't even mentioned this bit about how wonderful you've been to work with and how helpful it's been. Very easy, never demanding of me, always looking positively at my mistakes 'cause I've made a few and I'm a bit like that but always encouraging me and always very positive and the end outcome through his course has been phenomenal.

- All right cool, so thanks Tony. We can check your website at, if anyone wants to check it out and yeah, I wish you the best, moving forward. I hope this will be the first of many new brands that you will create ahead and yeah, thanks again.

- Thank you, Bertrand, thank you.

Kenneth Holk | CBD Zoo

"This gave me a new perspective... Everything that I learned is so valuable" 

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

NAME: Kenneth Holk
NICHE: Ecommerce, CBD
LOCATION: Stockport, UK


Kenneth Holk owns an online ecommerce store which he uses to sell the CBD oil he produces for pets. Before the, his brand was all over the place, and his message, layout and imagery not in sync with his vision. Going through the branding process gave him a totally new perspective, and he now feels incredibly proud and confident about his new brand. 


- Hi, Kenneth, how are you doing?

- Hi, Bertrand. I'm doing well, thank you. How are you?

- I'm doing very well, thank you. So today, I wanted to talk about your brand transformation.

- Yes.

- Your brand is called CBD Zoo. And this was your brand before you started the branding app process.

- Yes.

- So tell me more about what did you feel at the time. And you know, what state of mind were you in in relation to this brand, this website?

- Yeah. I felt it was an okay website. And yeah, we... were going to sell CBD oils for pets to customers and wholesalers. And yeah, I just choose colors that I like. I read that the blue was giving trust and... green was nature and so on. So I used them. That's how I choose the color. I haven't any idea about fonts before I take your course. So I just used the font that was in the template.

- All right, so it was a template you used all the time?

- Yes, it was a template that I used, and yes, I changed the pictures and so on.

- Yeah, so that's often what I find is often the problem is to start. You have an idea. You get a template and you start building. When going through a branding process, it's usually it's how to make it work out. So now, let's go for your brand. What you experienced during the branding process. So you used the branding app. You went through our process.

- Yes.

- So how was that experience? And you can see your brand right now in the branding app. How was that experience for you of, you know, creating a brand strategy? A customer hero? A brand identity?

- Yeah, the experience was, I must say, amazing. Because okay, I know some marketing and I have done some selling, of course, before. So I know some stuff. But... just to have a customer hero that you brand your website, your everything, to that customer, it gives a new perspective for me. And... everything that I learned in the process is so valuable. I can use that in many ways. Not just to make a website, but also to build maybe other brands. And yeah. I must say, the process was, it was a lot of work. Yes. But when I have gone through the work, I think, you know, I can make it much, much quicker. So, yeah, I must say, it was a very good experience.

- All right. And so and then based on your new brand that you created in the branding app, you then went and created a new website?

- Yes.

- Pretty much from scratch, so. As we saw before, this was the before. Even the logo was different. The color of everything was different. And this is the after. This is the now. So this is your new website.

- Right.

- And you brand as well. 'Cause I like to say that the website is just an expression of your brand, but a brand could be on your website, on your t-shirt, on your flyer.

- Yeah, yeah, yes.

- So how do you feel about this new website now? This new brand?

- I feel, yeah, proud and I also feel like I have a website that I think will work much better. Much better. And the the thing is, before I think I must explain so much. I have much more text on website. But now I only have the what's important. And... yeah. It's like night and day, the difference, I must say.

- Yeah. All right.

- Yeah.

- It really looks great. So, what's the biggest difference this new website is giving to you? Like internally, on the feeling level? Do you, is it helping you move forward more with your business in any ways, or?

- It does, because I have the feeling when I visit the website or when I think of my brand, I have this feeling that... it's hard to explain, but it's more, it's a more higher feeling. Before, I think, yes, I have products and I have website, and I have a kind of a brand that I'm going to market. But now, I I really do it. I really market it now. It's hard to explain the difference, but the difference is big.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- Awesome.

- It's a feeling. It's a feeling of...

- Could be confidence?

- It's a mixture.

- Confidence?

- Yes, yes. Right. Yeah.

- All right. So, yeah, that's pretty awesome. Thanks, Kenneth, for your time for sharing your story here. And for going through this process. If you guys want to check out Kenneth's website, it's on Check it out if you need some safe CBD Zoo for your pets. And legal. And safe CBD, sorry, for your pets. And yeah, thanks, Kenneth. And have a good day, and all the best with your brand and business in the future.

- Okay, thank you, Bertrand. And have a good day, too.

- Thank you, and I forgot to ask you, sorry. I'll need to get that in the montage. Who would you recommend the branding app process to?

- Who I would recommend it to?

- Yeah.

- I think I will recommend that to everyone that have a business, and specially a presence in the internet, a webpage. Everyone.

- Awesome.

- Yeah. Yeah.

- That's awesome. Okay, that was great.

- Thank you.

- All good, all good. Take care. Thank you.

- Okay. Thank you.

- So, let me. .

Trevor Lundstorm | Telescopes & Gear

"You should go through this process before you start doing anything else... This is more than I ever expected" 

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

NAME: Trevor Lundstorm
NICHE: Astronomy
LOCATION: Perth, Australia


The first thing Trevor used to do when he wanted to launch a new brand was to find a template that he could customize. Unfortunately, this method rarely works as he acknowledges in this interview. The reason why is, unless you start by understanding who your customer is, your brand and business is almost certainly bound to fail. The helped Trevor get in the mind of his customer, and create a brand for his customer, and not for himself. If you are building brands and websites for yourself or your clients, Trevor strongly recommends the as part of your toolbox.


- Hey, Trevor. How are you doing?

- I'm doing very well, thank you, Bertrand.

- All right. Today I want you to collect your experience from using the branding app and the branding app process to create your brand. Right now your brand is Telescopes & Gears, and Gear, sorry. Right now we are looking at your old website but which was really just a template. You never got around to really customize it and make it fit your brand. So this was kind of the default template. Can you tell us more about what was your experience with your brand and website before the branding app?

- Before the branding app I really had no clue as to how to set up my website so that it was attractive to my potential visitors and had a professional look about it. It was just, yeah, it was too hard. When I came upon or learned about the branding app, I thought, this is just gonna make the whole thing so much simpler for me. I have found that following through the training and learning how to understand what the customer, putting the customer first I suppose you could say, I've learned a lot of things about that. And the branding app as such just pulls it all together so simply and easily once you've done the work in answering all the questions with the worksheets. Everything just fits together very nicely. I'm really happy, very happy with it, and I'm looking forward to using it in the future quite a bit.

- Just to make it clear, before the branding app you kind of had a template from one of these huge WordPress theme and you are kind of struggling to put it together. I feel that's what happens to a lot of people, starting from a template rarely works because you're not focusing on the customer, or the message, or the foundations of your brand. And then you went through the branding app software and process for your brand, which is Telescopes & Gear. So you created your positioning, your vision, your mission, your value proposition, which was about, you wanted to be the number one resource for information about telescopes and amateur astronomy. Right?

- That's correct, yeah.

- So you created a customer hero, which was Jim, so that's your ideal customer. Then you created you brand assets, your brand identity, the visuals, and so on. Was that experience useful, in a way? What did you feel about that experience of creating a brand and these brand assets? Was it maybe?

- I was absolutely thrilled with the result. Yeah. It's more than I ever expected was going to come from it. I'm incredibly happy with it and I couldn't recommend it more highly to anybody else. It's just the best thing for me to get my ideas and my aspirations onto my website. The main thing that I got out of it was putting the customer first. Not making a website that I would like to look at, but making a website that my ideal customer would like to land on and feel that he's found the right place.

- All right. So this is your new website now. This is your new brand. What do you feel about your new website? Is it giving you more confidence? is it helping you in any way project yourself better?

- Oh, yes. Yeah. I feel a lot more confident about the whole process because what I have on my website is showing the professionalism that I wish to portray with the subject, which is what the website is about. It doesn't look like an amateurish website. It looks like a professional website.

- All right. Who would you recommend the branding app process and software to?

- I would say that it should really be part of the toolbox for anybody who's building websites for clients, building websites for themselves. It should be a process that you go through before you even start doing anything, is to work out exactly who your ideal customer is, what are they really looking for, why are they your ideal customer? When you work that out, then you can start to work out what you're going to have on your website.

- Right.

- You've gotta build something that the customer is going to be looking for. Rather than just put a collection of stuff together that you think would be useful.

- Sure. All right. Well, thank you Trevor, for your feedback. If you want to check out Trevor's website you can go to Yeah. Which you the best with that project. I know you have other ones at the moment, and thanks again for your feedback.

- No problem at all. Thank you, Bertrand.

- All right.

Craig Doty | Grappler Media

"This is the first time I feel proud to send somebody to my website" 

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

NAME: Craig Doty
NICHE: Digital Marketing Agency
LOCATION: Tinton Falls, New Jersey


Before the, Craig used to feel ashamed to share his website, and this was preventing him from actually promoting it and growing his business. Once he got a grip on who his target was thanks to the training, his brand started to take shape along a "Grappler" theme. Now Craig feels incredibly proud and confident about his new brand.


- Hey, Craig, how are you doing?

- Good. How are you?

- Doing very well, thank you. So, today we wanted to review your progress with the branding app, or your results, rather. So, we are looking at your brand before the branding app. So, your brand is called Grappler Media. So, can you tell me about what you felt about your old website and old brand, before you went through our process. I'm just gonna go through it with you.

- Er, well, I mean, honestly, I literally hated it. I changed my homepage probably a half-a-dozen times, just trying to figure out the design and the branding, and I didn't really have a logo. I had made a homemade logo ages ago, never was happy with it. The logo that you see there, that symbol is actually just like a stock icon that I found that I just, was sick of my old logo, wanted to change it, so I put that up. But through the process that you put me through I was able to get a pretty nice logo, so that was great.

- Okay, so overall you were not so happy with the older website, and what was preventing you from improving it or improving your brand, do you think?

- Really just didn't have like a process or really I guess a good comprehension of how to really think about my brand.

- Right. Okay, so then, you went through the branding app process and software and methodology, so can you tell me what was the experience like creating your customer hero, creating your brand strategy, was that useful to you?

- Oh yeah, each section of the training was very helpful. Getting a grip on who your target is, your customer hero, that's super important. And I actually just used a current client because he is actually the perfect model of who I'm going after, so that was a little bit easy, that part. But again, I can go back and create other customer heroes for other market segments as well, so, using that process will help me to do that over and over again.

- Mhmm. And we can see your new logo here, so it was a big departure, I would say, from the old one here.

- Yeah, I mean the old one didn't have much to say about my brand.

- Right.

- I think the new logo is kind of interesting and unique. It's got my G and M, you know, shaped to look like a little grappler, I love it. I'm very happy with it.

- That's very cool. Okay, so you went through the branding app process, and then you pretty much launched your new brand, so there is a heavy team with the grappling and wrestling and things like that, it's kind of the underlying theme of the website. So now let's look at your new website, so this is your new site, the new home of your brand. In that case, so how do you feel about this new brand and this new website right now, having gone through this entire process?

- I love it. I'm actually for the first time proud. You know, I would be proud to send somebody to my website at this point. Previously, it really held me back from trying to grow my business and trying to market myself, because I literally was embarrassed about my website. Now I'm very proud of it. I think it looks great. It gets my brand across, it gets my point across, so ...

- Yeah, this is a very nice little touch.

- Yeah, you like that one?

- Mhmm. Yeah.

- Get a grip. I found the guy gripping the fence.

- Yeah. So it looks very cool. And, okay so would you say that that has given you a bit more confidence about sharing the website and the business?

- Oh, absolutely! I mean, I do still have a couple pages, that I wanna finish up but, I'm gonna start growing my company ASAP now, I'm gonna start sending potential clients to my site now, where before I was a little hesitant, because I just felt like, ugh, if somebody went to my site, like it just looked horrible, and I had pages that were half full, and this and that, so.

- Mhmm.

- It's good.

- All right, and to conclude, who would you recommend this to? The training, the branding app, who would you recommend it to?

- Oh definitely, I mean if somebody is trying to, you know, get their brand together and, so many companies I see that don't really have a brand, so I think branding is very important and this process, you know, takes you step by step, it makes you think about the things you need to think about. You know, like the imagery. That is something that I struggled with for a long time, but now I have more of a grasp of the type of imagery that I wanna use on my site and need to use on my site to get my brand across. So, yeah. I mean I would highly recommend it to anybody who's trying to brand their company, brand themselves even, or you know ...

- All right, cool. Okay, so thanks Craig for your time and your feedback with the branding app, and you can check Craig's website on So thanks again, I wish you all the best with your business.

- Thanks, Bertrand!

- Thank you.

- Take care.

- All right.

Michael Moore | M4 Digital Marketing

"I'm already walking one of my clients completely through the system" 

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

NAME: Michael Moore
NICHE: Digital Marketing Agency
LOCATION: Cincinnati, Ohio


Michael runs a digital marketing agency, and before going through the, he didn't understand the issues his brand was having. As he started going through the branding process, Michael realised what was missing for him was a real focus on the customer, which he found going through the Customer Hero exercise. Thanks to the, he was finally to create a very clear brand and message, deeply connected to the emotions and feelings of his customers. He already started using the for two of his clients now.


- Hey Mike, how you doing?

- Hi, Bertrand. How are you?

- Hi. I'm doing well. Thank you. Doing well. So, today I wanted to discuss your experience with the branding app, and our process for creating a brand from scratch. You didn't start from scratch, you had an existing website and brand. So, can you tell me, this is your brand at the time. So, how did you feel about it at the time, and why did you decide to sign up to the branding app?

- When I created the this particular website for my local digital marketing, I was trying to follow the kind of best practices that I was learning about at that time, and focusing on more features and the things that we do for a local business client. And so, I spent a lot of time finding the imagery, laid it out, I got the testimonials from the clients, and I felt like, okay, I have a website built. It seems to be right. And I was happy with it in the sense that I didn't know what some of the issues really were with it until I was able to understand the branding app system.

- Alright. So, then you you signed up to the branding app. So, you went through, this is your branding, the branding app here. So, how was the experience, creating your customer hero, creating your brand strategy? Was that useful to you, that foundation work?

- I was very fortunate to connect myself to the branding app. Part of that was that I have a long, almost 10-year experience with you and some of your other products. So, the credibility was clearly there. And when you, when I saw this programing, at first I was curious, what's this branding all about. And then as I started to get into the program, it just hit me like a lead weight that, what I was missing in this process was a focus on the customer, and what the customers problems were, and what pain and frustrations the customers were going through. And then that led me to a process, a very organized, a very thorough process with the branding app, that started with defining the customer and then defining the problems and the benefits. And where we wanted to take the customer and then begin to use the branding app system to define everything about my brand, in light of the customer that the brand serves. And so, that ended up with a lot of really thorough analysis and thinking about who the brand was, and how I was going to help the customer solve their problems. So, it was a really fun and engaging process, to go through the branding app, to be able to step back at the end and say, wow, you know, this really walked me through. I was able to create all of the right elements and begin to put redesign in my case, my website, Home page and the Learning page, and really bring that down to something that engages the customer at their level.

- Alright. And now let's look at your, so this is your website now. So again, this was before and this is the after. So, how do you feel about your brand and your website, and your business now that you went through this transformation?

- Well, I'm feeling really excited about it. And I try to look at it. And I think we all should do this. But I tried to look at it through the eyes of the customer. So, when you land on the page now, it's not about, I am for digital marketing, and what it is that we're so great at, it's about the customer use. You feel that immediately when you go to the site. We're helping the local customer to do what they need to do to meet their challenges. And as you walk down through the website, following the branding app system, we're establishing the problem. We're creating a connection that tells the customer, we understand them, we understand their pain. We're showing them exactly what they need to do to get started with us. Then we're explaining, as you can see here, we go through our four top services, website and branding, social media marketing, training and coaching, to help the local business understand how to do this and video marketing. And then we clearly define here who we work with. So, we're touching on exactly the kind of person that we can help. And then we were able to bring in the customer testimonials from the old website, and then give them a clear call to action at the bottom that says, alright, if you wanna overcome all of these problems and challenges, request a free consultation, and we'll talk through together to see how we can help you. So, it's very clear, very unambiguous, it's very connected to the feelings and emotions, and problems of the small business owner. So, I'm very excited about it.

- Alright. And so, you told me before that you are planning to use the same process with some of your clients as well.

- I have one of my markets is the, in the niche of health and beauty particularly men's grooming stores, and beauty salons, and hair salon. So, I have several clients already. I have a new client referred to me. And I'm already walking that client completely through the branding app system, which you know, I having gone through it myself, I'm very confident, and I'm very enthusiastic about doing it. And with your coaching, it has allowed me to learn how to help my customers, coach them through the process, and when they're done, they're going to end up with a much better experience, and a much stronger brand than they would have have working with me prior.

- Alright? So, well thanks a lot for your feedback on the branding app process and the software as well. Who would you recommend the branding app to?

- I would say that any marketer who is in the business, whether it's a local business or larger businesses, or product and service, websites, anybody that's building websites, trying to optimize them, and trying to sell products and services themselves, or help clients sell their products and services, this is absolutely the way to go. This is the way the big companies do it. But it is been recreated in a format that the small and mid sized business, which is what most of us really deal with, this is exactly the program that they need.

- Alright, awesome. So, thanks a lot Mike, for our time and feedback.

- It's been a great experience. Thank you.

- Thank you and best of luck with the business. And you can check Mike's website on the Thanks, you came, and have a good day.

- Thank you. Yep, see you. Bye.

Leslie Raketti | My Business Builders

"The biggest difference between my old brand and my new brand is the clarity" 

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

NAME: Leslie Raketti
NICHE: Social Media Marketing Agency 
LOCATION: Vancouver, Canada


Leslie helps customers get more leads from social media. When he started with the, his brand was not really communicating any clear message. By switching his focus to be on the customer, he was able to create a very clear and efficient brand in just 3 weeks.  


- [Interviewer] Hey Les, how are you doing today? Thanks for being here. [Les] - Oh thank you, here, pretty good.

- All right, so Les, I wanted to get your feedback on the branding app process and experience and software as a whole, so, you have an internet marketing agency, a marketing agency, and we're looking at your old website right now before you went through the branding app and having a new brand. So, what was your feeling about about this website and what relationship you have with it, so to speak.

- Uh, I think I think what I had with this was pretty good initially but the, I came to the conclusion that the website really wasn't doing the job. It wasn't really connecting to people in a way that seemed to me making it work for me as well as for them. So I knew I needed to look at this and revamp it coming from a totally different perspective. And, and to sort of get more into, more into tune with what would actually start actually work for me, right, and so, and then when I looked up this particular site, I thought one of the things that it seems to have a lot of, there's a lot of information here, there's a lot of stuff going around. There's a lot of distractions and I really needed to get another perspective on how to rework it. So that's really what I was looking for.

- All right, and then so you signed up for the branding app and you went through, first you went through the customer hero exercise. How was that for you? Did that help you in any ways at the time?

- Yeah, it basically, it was kind of difficult in the beginning because it was forcing me to focus on one particular customer, one particular niche, or niche, depending on how you want to say it. And I think the way I would handle, was approaching it before I was trying to be everything to everybody and in that process being nothing to anyone and so,

- Yeah.

- So this actually pushed me in this direction where I'm focusing on one particular niche and trying to understand the customer from that point of view and start to address everything coming from that particular perspective. So much, much more focused.

- And then I went through your, you created your brand strategy so your vision, mission anything that stood out when you did this exercise, for you?

- Uh, it helped me clarify and put into words everything that I've always thought and um, but never really actually put down in a way that I think was clear. And you know like the intent may have been there but the expression was not, and so, this gave me the ability to actually express that and put it into words. And actually not only words but into images as well.

- Right, so based on your brand strategy and customer work sheet you created then a new logo just to remind ourself this was your previous logo. This was the new one and you created a new visual style that goes with it. So how was that process of creating a new brand identity?

- Well, it's sort of like realizing like some of the examples in the course they look at Apple, they look at Microsoft, and you can see the initial logos and the initial branding that these companies had and they went through a transition, and that transition typically goes into something that is much more simplified and clear. And so this allowed me to basically go through that same process.

- Right, okay, and now let's go to your website now which is on Um so I'm just going to scroll through it but can you tell me what do you, what do you feel about it that new website, what's the biggest change since you switched from your old site to your new site.

- I think it's just the clarity. It's, it's clear, it's basically connecting directly to the potential client. It's giving you, you know, very distinct steps. It's not getting into too much detail.

- Mmmhmm.

- It's more or less coming from the intention and I think that's all that people could literally can process, so just keep the message simple, connect with where they are and give them a sense of where they can go. So we have that, so the concept of the, of the customer as hero process, which is in the course, is actually quite instructive. This give you sort of like a path of where they are and where they wish to end up and then to have that relate inside of the site so that they get that then they, it sort of gives the, it connotes the message that this gentleman or whoever is behind this site or this company can actually help them get to where they want to be. So I think this is the whole concept behind what's been taught, from what I understand so I think it's quite good.

- Yeah I would say you are, this site is very impressive. Like I was really impressed when I saw what you came up with and it's a big shift from the old one to the new one it's a huge jump. Did you think at the time that you would be able to create something like this at the time?

- Yes, I did because when we looked at the branding app in itself and you see the examples, we have the Tesla example.

- Mmhmm.

- Which is something like a goal in order to go for so once I sort of got that, "Okay I understand that subject" or that's where to go and then it was just a question of how do you get there.

- Right, I'm going to say your brand is pretty amazing. I was pretty inspired to see where you came from, you know, branding-wise and where are you are now. This is your Twitter page, again, always on point. You have your icon here, coming up very nicely. This is your LinkedIn, Facebook, sorry this is your LinkedIn business page I guess and this is your LinkedIn personal page here, and then your YouTube. So everything is on-brand, it's pretty amazing, I guess your journey with this. Who would you recommend the branding app and you know, our process to?

- Um, I guess I would think, well the branding app was basically designed I guess for people like myself who are providing services, somebody like web designers, somebody doing Internet marketing. I think that would be very, very useful for them. It's actually designed in a way that's streamlining the process so that you could actually create a brand for somebody else relatively quickly. And having gone through the exercise, it makes one appreciate that process a lot better and I think it, you know so it gives you some sort of a structure and then the app itself allows you to create something fairly quickly that you can present to the client. And then from that point you can actually create a website based on that concept, so I think it's a really, it's a really fast process that would be probably really, really difficult to do otherwise or in the sense of it would take a lot of time.

- For sure. And you, you know, to build your entire brand it took you how long from the moment you signed up to now, pretty much would you say?

- I don't know . I don't remember when exactly I signed up but I think we're looking at about a three-week process.

- Right.

- Three to four weeks and I think in terms of design on a website for somebody else you just doing the website usually you're not going to do it in less than three weeks.

- Sure, sure, okay so thanks a lot Les for your feedback. If you're watching this and you want to visit Les' website it's on So thanks Les, all the best and good luck with your business and your brand.

- Okay, thank you

- Yup.

Kesful | HootyBots

"I started off with nothing but a domain name and a concept... now I have a finished product" 

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

NAME: Kesful (full name hidden for privacy reasons)
NICHE: Chatbot Marketing Agency


Kesful has a full time job, so he requeted to keep his identity private for this testimonial. When Kesful started, he had no website, no brand, just a concept which he had in his mind for about a year. Within a very short amount of time, he was able to create a very focused and powerful brand, with one of the best looking website we saw on our program.


- Hey, Kesful, how are you doing today?

- [Kesful] Hey, not bad, Bertrand. Yourself?

- I'm doing very well, thank you. So today, Kesful, you're not on camera because you have a full-time job and obviously you don't want your business to conflict with your job, so. That's why we have your logo instead of your video here. Is that right?

- [Kesful] Yeah, that's correct, yeah. At some point we'll transition from a full-time job to running my agency and which stage I'll be happy to show-- Present myself, so yeah.

- All right, that's great. So I wanted to start about asking you what was your-- How was your brand before? So obviously we're looking at the blank page because before you didn't, we had an idea of a brand, so how long did you have this idea of a brand for, and what was preventing you from creating it in the past?

- [Kesful] Yeah so I had the idea for about a year and the idea was based on the various services and agency services that I saw that people were taking advantage of and I thought I would want to do something very similar. Generally when you're going through and starting a new business, having a website, a face front, for people to visit is essential and I thought, okay, let me get this at going. But having the idea and actually having the end website then became a bit of a challenge because there's so many things to think about.

- All right, okay, so you are struggling with getting focused on it and taking action on it, pretty much.

- [Kesful] Yeah, so you know, one being where do I host the platform, two being how do I go through and put the pieces together, and then looking at other competing websites or other websites in the space and then trying to mimic what they have. But there's so many different types of websites out there and with so many different types of messages, knowing where to start is a bit of a challenge. It was a bit of a challenge.

- Mmhmm, so you really wanted to get started but at the time you are not really thinking about the branding aspect, you just wanted to launch an online business but the branding was not really front of your mind, right?

- [Kesful] No exactly, I mean, I think when you go through the training you focus on the customer hero and quite often when you look at other websites, it's hard to know who the customer hero is. And that was something that I had no idea about. And I knew it was about the customer but identifying who that customer is and translating that into a brand was something that I didn't have any knowledge about.

- All right so we're now looking at your brand in the Branding App, so your brand is called HootyBots. So how was the exercise of creating a customer persona or a brand strategy for you? Was that useful?

- [Kesful] Yeah, it was very useful. It gave me an understanding of what was needed to actually create the brand and what my focus needed to be on. And going through the branding exercise I was able to identify who my target niche was and actually drew down and understand what their pain points were. And then being able to put all that information together with the branding course and come up with a brand that was closely aligned to the solution that I was gonna provide.

- All right. Okay so you went through the Branding App process and the software as well, and so this is your new brand right now. So basically we saw that you started pretty much from nothing. Okay so--

- The website's here.

- Yeah, you went and created the brand in the Branding App while you had an idea but not a lot of materials. And so everything you see here was pretty much created from scratch or conceptualized from scratch. So how do you feel about this new brand and website and yeah, right now?

- [Kesful] Yeah so I'm loving the new website. It did take a lot of work going through and taking what I learned from the course and then actually translating that into the building blocks of the brand and the website. And right now I'm very happy with the end results and I'm happy that I've got a finished product because I started off with nothing, I had the domain name, and I had a concept of what I wanted the brand to look like and now I have a finished product.

- Right. And so who would you recommend the Branding App and the branding process to?

- [Kesful] So I think the branding process is applicable to anybody who's starting a business, be it a service business or a physical store, e-commerce store, anybody who's got a online presence and they wanna actually promote their vision and their mission and I think the branding course is ideal for, and important enough, for people to go through. And then the Branding App, it actually translates what you've learned and what your vision is all about and it gets you to see what that finished product is gonna look like based on everything from your color pallettes to your imagery and once you go through and put all that into the Branding App you get to see it first hand. It makes it quite nice.

- All right, cool, so well thanks a lot for your feedback about this process and the software and our methodology. I wish you the best of luck with HootyBots. Watching this you can check out the website on and yeah, thanks a lot again and have a great day.

- [Kesful] Thank you very much, Bertrand, for your help.

- Thank you.

Norva Semoy Abiona | The Wise Wife

"I've bought the course and literally within 2 weeks, I had a new brand!" 

RATING: ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐

NAME: Norva Semoy Abiona
NICHE: Relationship Counselling


Norva has had her website for a few years, and realised a rebranding was much needed. Whilst in the past she outsourced branding work to agencies, this time she decided to do it herself. The process and training helped her realise how things work together, her mission, her ideal customer and how to get her message across to people. She can’t recommend the enough and looks forward to also seeing your testimonial on this page.


- Hi guys, it's Norva Semoy Abiona from and I am just shooting this quick video to say just how I enjoyed my experience using the Branding App. So I have had my website, for a few years, and I realized that it was outdated, the way that the images and stuff looked, it just really needed rebranding. And so I decided to invest in the course, because I'd recently done my other website, but in doing it I hired somebody to do it and this time I thought, you know what, this course, the Branding App and what it offered, it looked like I would be able to do this on my own. And I have to say I have not been disappointed. So I bought the course and literally, within two weeks I was able to put everything together for my website and literally, when it comes to putting it up on your site, it is so easy, because now I understand where things work together. When you're passing things on to someone, you don't realize just how much goes in there because you're handing everything and you're just thinking about the pieces being separate. But after using the Branding App, I totally understand the way everything works in sync with each other in terms of my mission, the ideal customers that I'm trying to reach, how I get my message across to them, what they really need to know and to hear and I am so very much excited about recommending this course, this training to people. If you want to be able to put up your website in a quick space of time, literally when it comes to putting it up within 15 minutes or less, you could be able to put up all your content that you have put together on the site, then the Branding App is the way to go. So I am excited for you and I look forward to hearing your testimonial some time as well. Take care, bye!

Tyree Thomas Jr 

"I started from a blank sheet... and now, I feel proud!"

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

NAME: Tyree Thomas Jr
NICHE: Forex Education
LOCATION: Houston, Texas


Tyree Thomas Jr spent years struggling to share his message, and prior to using the, his website was constantly "under construction". Two weeks after signing up, Tyree had a new brand and a new website ready to take on new clients. Tyree has also started providing branding services to his clients.


- All right, Tyree, glad to have you here. So today, I wanted to ask you what was your mindset? What all was your business before you came across the branding app and the process that we have. And we have your website on the screen here. Your old website, sorry, before you went through the branding So can you tell me more about the challenges you had then with your brand and your business.

- Well, how you doing, Bertrand? Yes, I can definitely tell you that when I was trying to get my brand, figure out a brand, I was totally lost. Didn't know the proper colors, didn't know how... I knew how I wanted my site to look, but I did not know what I had to do to make it look the way I wanted it to look. And I was stuck. And actually, I was stuck for over six months trying to figure all of this out.

- Did you use a...

- Yes. And as you can see, it's just... It was not happening.

- Did you use a template at the time? That was a template that you used?

- Yes, that right there was a ready-made template and it was customizable to where I could customize it. But without having any direction, you're still going to be in the same situation. And I didn't have any direction.

- Right. So...

- And may I also mention that I had experience with customized templates, but I didn't have any experience of creating a site from scratch. That's the reason why I was always using the customizable template.

- That makes sense. I think a lot of people are in that situation. And then can you tell us through, so now, we are looking at your brand in the branding app and can you tell us through the process. How did you find the process with the brand strategy and the brand identity? Did that help you understand better your brand?

- What I found is that when I... First off, I found direction with the training and with the app. When I went through the training, the six modules and each week, I began to understand what to do. And it's self-explanatory, with the worksheets that come with it. The worksheets were so easy for me to follow and to be able to put the necessary information together. And as I started doing that, Bertrand, I began to see my vision, my dream, my sight come to life right in front of me. And not did I just begin to see it, but I began to feel it. And going through week one, beginning to understand the mindset of the customer, the psychology of the customer, how to fulfill their needs, as you can see. The type of pictures and things like that I needed. It really did help me become confident that I was doing the right thing, in the right way, for the right reason, to reach the right person and putting myself in position to eliminate wasting their time and mine. And this course, it really did solidify what I wanted to do and it gave me everything I needed to get everything done that was necessary, so that I could move forward. And believe me, being stuck for over six months, this was a breath of fresh air of what I needed and I'm very happy.

- Oh, thank you. So was this going through your brain, here? So you saw the Tyree... So Tyree's brand is and we saw the brand strategy, the website mock-ups, the prints and the ads. So yeah, I must say, your brand came out great. You're actually one of the first students to go through it all, actually the first student to go through it all. So again, congratulations on that. And now let's move to after you have used the branding app. So your new website on This is your new website, you have a funnel that is pretty great. So how do you feel about this?

- Oh wow, how do I feel about it? I feel proud. I feel very good that I have some information that I put out there that is not gonna be embarrassing to me, okay. And I have something that I put out there that someone, even a stranger, would be able to look at and even if they have never heard of what I'm offering. My brand app, the training from it, allowed me to construct a website, to put together a website. And let's keep in mind, I had no prior experience in web design, putting a website together, having the right message, having the right colors for the right psychology, having the right pictures that could tell a story whether I had web copy or not. And if a person doesn't have web copy, they don't understand what web copy is, it's just basically content. And the training provides explanation on how to do all of that. And what they're seeing now was made from scratch by a person, scratch meaning just a blank screen. The training taught me how to do all of this. And for a beginner, if a person does not have beginner's experience to understanding how to do this, all they have to do is go through the modules, through the worksheets, and transfer the information from the worksheets to the brand out, they come out with a website. Now, for a person that does have experience, this would grow their experience even more, it would make their skill grow. So for me, the right colors, the right typography, pictures, content, web copy, everything. I am so proud of what I have to offer and I learned a skill. See, I learned a skill that cannot be taken away, Bertrand. And I don't mean to talk so much, but I got so much life from this. I'm like, happy. I mean, I can take what I learned and it does not have to stop just with this. Any other brand or any other... business that I want to put on the Internet, I can do that. And this is very easily understood and followed in the training. So when a person gets this, man, they're hooked. They're gonna be very happy. No more hurting, no more confusion, no more unhappiness. They're gonna be extremely overjoyed.

- Right, so thank you for that. I'm glad it helped. Like you say, that one of the main thing is well, of this training is the new skill that you require to go from an idea to a brand in no time. I think for you, it take you, what, about two weeks at most?

- Two weeks, yeah. And that's the beauty of it. Two weeks, not two years, two weeks.

- Yeah, and so who would you recommend this for? This training, this app, who would you recommend it for?

- I'd recommend it for the person, whether they're a beginner or not because again, I was not a beginner in doing anything on the Internet, but I was a beginner trying to establish a brand. So I'd recommend it for a person that's just beginning, trying to establish a brand, trying to figure out where they need to start to even begin to put a message out there that they want to offer. And then for the person that's an intermediate. From here, it would help them take that skill, that knowledge that they have and bring it together so that they can build from that. Because not everyone on the Internet are beginners. But then, if you have the advanced person, the person that may know a lot, this right here can help them take what they know and use it in a faster way without trying to grab different things they know and put it together all at once. This is already together. Even for an advanced person, they can just follow this and already know what to do. So for me, I truly understand that whether they're a beginner, whether they're intermediate, whether they're advanced, this visual story mastery in the brand app, if they follow what the training says, do the worksheets and understand... If they can read what they understand, write what they understand and comprehend what they read, write, understand and transfer it to the app, it's for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced, and I'm just being totally honest about that.

- All right. So thanks a lot Tyree, for your feedback. And if people are looking for you, they can go to, check out Tyree's website and brand there.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.

- Thank you, thank you, thank you, because without this product, this training, Bertrand, I would still be back in 2019, 2018, trying to figure stuff out, thank you so much.

- All right. You're welcome.

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